A Letter from Kim

Dear Salem Neighbor,

When I first ran for Mayor I vowed to offer an administration based on professionalism – not politics, and one that would be hardworking, creative, inclusive and open to all. I took office overjoyed to serve as Mayor in a city that I love. I was brimming with optimism and a strong commitment to help Salem realize our full potential, and I still am today.

In the beginning we faced serious challenges at City Hall where we found virtually all reserve accounts had been depleted to pay past due bills. For the first time in memory we had to borrow money to pay Salem teachers, police officers, and firefighters. There was a $3.5 million deficit. In short, we were broke – and I don’t mean just financially. City government too often consisted of settling scores and petty “got-ya” games, not real leadership.

Coming from a background of city management, planning, and the law, I believed that Salem could, through collaboration, hard work and professionalism, realize progress, financial strength, and a better quality of life for residents. Together with the participation and support of so many good people across our city, I believe we have made some great strides with positive results.

I’m still incurably in love with Salem – still focused on doing this work the way we set out to, based on professionalism, not politics. I want to see Salem continue our prosperity and to help more residents share in it. I want to keep pushing our schools to even greater achievements. I want to continue to plan smartly for a changing future – from jobs to housing, from transportation to social services, from public safety to public spaces. And I want to strengthen our commitment to high quality services that make a positive difference in the daily lives of the people of this city.

I’m as excited and optimistic about our future as I was when the people of Salem first elected me. And, if re-elected, I pledge to continue providing services, bringing hard work and creativity to the job every day, and working to instill values of inclusiveness and openness in all that we do. I hope you will become part of this campaign to lead a great city forward. I look forward to speaking with you on the campaign trail!

Kim Driscoll