Kim in the news

“Salem can count itself fortunate in having a mayor who refused to simply accept the consequences of fiscal catastrophe.”

-Salem News, 1/28/2008

“If Driscoll’s reelections in 2009 and 2013 by more than 80 percent both times are any indication of her performance, a majority of Salem citizens are happy with the way she’s steering the city. The municipal budget claims a record-level stabilization fund and has $84.9 million in total direct debt, with debt-service comprising 3.2 percent of expenditures annually. In October, Standard & Poor’s affirmed Salem’s AA bond rating for the fourth time in a row, lowering interest rates when the city borrows money. In the same month, the Government Finance Officers Association pinned Salem with the “Distinguished Budget Presentation Award,” one of 18 municipalities across Massachusetts that garnered such an accolade and its eighth consecutive…Her office strives to foster an innovative and inclusive climate, a change from its former ‘insular’ self. Even with all the gains and a well-oiled city, complacency is not on the future docket. As Driscoll put it: ‘There is always a to-do list.’”

–Salem Gazette, 12/14/2016

“Under Driscoll, Salem now has a capital improvement plan, a five-year forecast, and, having started near zero, a reserve fund of $2.5 million. Her administration has repaved 50-plus streets, reconstructed playgrounds, and restarted projects like the Old Salem Jail and Courthouse Complex.”

–North Shore Magazine, 1/14/2011

“She has a reputation for being able to get things done, which is a big reason why there is now regular ferry service between Salem and Boston and construction is about to begin on a new garage at the Salem train station. The Driscoll administration has turned Halloween into both a moneymaker for the city and a more family-friendly event. And the mix of residential development, retail and restaurants downtown has brought new life to an area that only a decade ago was looking increasingly forlorn.”

–Salem News, 10/28/2009

“Her school department has been aggressive about innovating and intolerant of the status quo…Turnaround status, more state funding, and community partnerships brought longer days, more enrichment, and better community connections through a program where teachers visit kids at home..”

–Boston Globe, 10/22/2016

“She vowed to take Salem to the next level when she ran for mayor nearly eight years ago. She knocked out the city’s budget deficit, professionalized departments and services, and dialed the municipality’s attributes up several notches. The former college basketball player gets points for her put-me-in-coach drive and her geeky delight in number-crunching, downtown revitalization, and municipal health insurance reform…”

–Commonwealth Magazine, 1/15/2013

“…Driscoll is the atypical politician in that she doesn’t endeavor to tell voters simply what they want to hear. But results are what count, and she has excelled in getting the city’s finances in order and shoring up its status as the institutional hub of the North Shore.”

–Salem News, 10/28/2009